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Take it outside!

Some of the most overlooked recyclables are all of the things that should go in your compost pile.  Food from your kitchen, as long as it is not full of chemicals, is great for recycling either through your dog or into the compost pile.  Yard debris are best composted as opposed to burning.  The ground needs the nutrients more than the atmosphere needs the carcinogens.  Most livestock feces are good for composting as well.  Avoid human, dog, and cat waste as they contain too many chemicals to safely grow plants from the soil that will be used.  Dead animals can be composted as well as chemical free paper.  One compost pile is incredibly beneficial to the environment as well, due to the growth of mushrooms and the release of gas that is beneficial to plants around it.  Not only are you recycling, but you are helping the local plants make more oxygen for us all=).

In conclusion, take the time to educate yourself on what you can do to protect the environment for the coming generations.  The resources we have are exhaustible, so it is only right that we try to preserve and use them for as long as possible and recycling is the key to making that happen.

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